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Despite being widely used, Oxycontin OP 15mg has a number of undesirable side effects. You should be informed of its recommended dosage and storage to reduce the possibility of such issues. Additionally, you must be careful not to combine it with other medications. 15 milligrams of Oxycontin OP.


Shopping around is the greatest method to obtain the best deal, regardless of whether you are fortunate enough to be a patient of the acclaimed physician in chief at your neighborhood hospital on Oahu or are just a customer at your neighborhood drug store. One benefit is that you can compare costs on an even playing field. Second, you have access to a medical professional who is knowledgeable. When choosing between the two medications listed above, this can be extremely important. You must pay a cost if you have a copay.


Using Oxycontin OP 15 mg tablets can be beneficial in controlling pain, but may also have adverse effects. If you experience any side effects, you should stop taking the medication and see a doctor. The FDA is available at 1-800-FDA-HELP (toll free) to receive expert advice about side effects.

Abuse of this medication can lead to serious adverse events. Especially, it can cause overdose. Symptoms of an overdose include dizziness, weakness, sweating, shortness of breath, and drowsiness.

If you take this medication with alcohol, it can slow down your breathing and increase the risk of overdose. It can also cause addiction. For this reason, you should never take this drug for longer than prescribed. It can also cause drowsiness, which can interfere with driving.


Taking Oxycontin OP 15 mg tablets can lead to addiction, a condition that requires medical attention. The abuse of these pills can lead to overdose. The risk of developing OUD is increased in patients who are currently using tobacco and in those with mental health disorders. It is important to talk to your physician about any concerns you have. Also, keep in mind that opioids should be used as part of a comprehensive treatment program for chronic non-malignant pain.

Withdrawal symptoms from opioids may start within two days of abruptly stopping them. These symptoms include restlessness, myalgia (muscle aches), yawning, nausea, perspiration, chills, and weakness. They can last up to two weeks. It is advisable to gradually wean off these medications, but this is dependent on the dosage and length of time you have been using them. You can help avoid the symptoms of withdrawal by talking to your provider.


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